Summerland Expertise (1) - Water Tank & Water SystemSummerland Expertise (2) - Waterproofing works

Summerland Expertise (1) – Water Tank & Water System

From State Water Authority water bulk meter supply water to water tank, subsequently from water tank supply water to the water supply point, the water supply system involves pipe, filter, pump and water tank.

All these pipe, filter, pump and water tank are important to be taken care to ensure continuing enjoying sufficient water supply and here’s where our services come in.

Summerland Expertise (2) – Waterproofing works

We provide waterproofing work for the water tank and at the same time participate in normal flooring waterproofing as well from PU injection, coating type to membrane type.

Waterproofing works is part of the water tank works, especially for concrete tank. Waterproofing at water tank is not the normal type of waterproofing type as it should functioning well in contain of water and can stand high water pressure.

Our ClientsOur Service Quality

Our Clients

We have served the buildings involve apartment, condominium, flats, club house, factory, hotel, office building, restaurant, shopping mall, hypermarket, show room, warehouse, estate, clinic, government building, highways, mosque, hospital, power plant, colleague, institute, school, university, etc for the past years.

Part of the clients that we have served for the past years are as below:-

  • Apartment, Condominium, Flats
  • Club house, Factory, Hotel, Office Building, Restaurant, Shopping Mall, Hypermarket, Show Room, Warehouse, Estate
  • Clinic, Government Building, Highways, Mosque, Hospital, Power Plant
  • Colleague, Institute, School, University

Our Service Quality

With over 30 years of experience in this field, we specialise in providing our valued customer a comprehensive Water Tank & Water System works to help save building owners from paying substantial and expensive Water Tank & Water System repairs.

We have the expertise in building water system from A to Z. And we are able to provide advice and consultation from main pipe, filter, pump to water tank as all this 4 items are related to each other in water system for the building.

We provide proper 3-S photo report to the customer after job done. 3-S means Sebelum, Semasa and Selepas (Before Work, Work In Progress and After Work). We ensure proper and good quality work to the customer.