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Types of Water Tank

In Malaysia market, it is very common to have 4 types of water tank as below:

  • Concrete Tank (as known as RC Tank)
  • Sectional Panel Pressed Steel Tank (as known as PST Tank)
  • Sectional Panel Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics Tank (as known as FRP Tank)
  • Polyethylene tank (as known as Polytank)

Out of these common type of water tank, there is also some other type of water tank such as welded type of steel tank, fiberglass reinforcement type of water tank, etc.

The size of the water tank normally is designed to keep enough reserve water to be spent if happens water interruption from State Water Authority. Normally it is designed for 2 days water reserve.

Our Expertise In Water Tank

Summerland expertise in water tank works from type, size calculation, various type of works to be carried out from repairing, refurbishment or replacement, tank safety inspection, etc.

We are also the proper tank contractor with over 30 years experience, the water tank repairing work should not be carried out by normal plumber or non-professional contractor as they don’t know well about water tank and the worst is, it might cause serious damage to the water tank. To avoid this issue, it’s advisable to engage with professional tank contractor like us for the proper water tank repairing work.

We provide proper water tank work from water tank cleaning, water tank repairing, water tank refurbishment to water tank replacement.

We provide proper preventive maintenance services to help save water tank owners from paying substantial and expensive water tank repairs. With over 30 years of experience in this field, we specialize in providing our value customer a comprehensive water tank maintenance package.

About Water Tank Cleaning Services

Do you know that an under-maintained water tank is full of bacteria, parasites and viruses that could lead to serious illness?

Do not be fooled by the clear tap water in your water supply, take a peep at the water tank, you will be surprised by the amount of sludge and dirt in it. Everybody deserves cleaner water, and here’s where our services come in.

Corroded metal particles and sludge is constantly contaminating your drinking water supply when you fail to properly maintain your water tank. We are not only doing the normal water tank cleaning works but provides a thorough water tank maintenance service where everything from tank inspection to structural repair are covered.

Upgrading of Pressed Steel Tank

We provide upgrading work for your existing pressed steel tank instead of replace the whole tank at high cost. Upgrading of pressed steel tank work can be as below:-

  • Painting fruit grade type of paint at tank internal
  • Tank internal bracket and angle stay replacement
  • Tank cover replacement
  • Tank internal add-on HDPE membrane

About FRP Sectional Panel Tank Repairing

Some of the FRP tank leaking that repaired by the non-professional tank contractor using fiberglass patching method at tank internal panel joint, the tank later no longer can be repaired and need to be replace at high cost. As a proper tank contractor, we never repair leak at panel joint using fiberglass patching unless the tank has been panel joint fiberglass patching before or there is panel crack at the FRP tank.

About Tank HDPE Membrane Repairing Works

We provide proper HDPE membrane repairing work using the extruder welding machine at the water tank. As a proper tank contractor, we never repair HDPE membrane using plastic sheet to cover at leak area, painting at leak area, sealing with sealant, silicone, cement, epoxy grout, cement grout fiberglass patching or bitumen compound.

Range of Water Tank Works

Our water tank work includes:

  • Tank Inspection and Report
  • Tank Maintenance Contract
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Tank Repair
  • Tank Leakage Repair
  • Tank Refurbishment
  • Tank Replacement
  • Tank Sectional Panel Replacement
  • Tank Accessories Replacement
  • Tank HDPE Lining Repair
  • Tank Add-on HDPE Liner
  • Tank Interior / Exterior Coating
  • Tank Corrosion Control
  • Tank Structural Repair
  • Tank Piping Repair
  • Tank Piping Replacement
  • Tank Valve Replacement